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Whose side are they on anyway

Posted by podit on March 9, 2007

I have used many recruitment agencies in my years as an employee and employer. It is the employer that paid for their services it was them that they are supposed to be looking after right. How is it that when I was a candidate I felt more like their customer than when I was the one looking for people.

Now I am sure that there are many good recruitment agencies or agents out there that do a great job. However you do have to wonder who they actually work for. As an employer you pay them because they do the filtering leg work and are supposed to only send you the cream at the top. Well I have to say I would rather get no cream and keep trying than get some of the stuff that gets sent through.

We had an example of this a while ago where when hiring an engineer. We just picked up a new contract and we needed to get another person on board to help out. Funnily enough the recuritment agent sent us the person we had just replaced. We were replacing him because he didn’t have a clue about IT at all. Yet here they were telling us that he was one of the best they had.

To me if I was a good recruitment agency, it would be better to say, “Sorry we don’t have a person good enough on our books right now” rather than send out second rate, obviously not right candidates and waste our clients time. Again I ask, whose side are they on anyway?

By the way. There are good recruitment agents out there you just have to find them.


4 Responses to “Whose side are they on anyway”

  1. samh1 said

    Completely agree.

    I have just started a post on the issues of recruitment myself.
    I am a recruiter and one that struggles to keep in balance the fact that I am ethical and honest with the rest of the industry that is not. Although not in IT, I’ve worked across several sectors and see the lack of understanding, communication and competency as the real reason that a few agencies make the rest look bad. Not only that, but how candidates and clients make their own lives harder.

    As I have said in my last post: When a candidate is successful in their job, the company becomes more successful, which makes me successful. That should be the only measurement. Unfortunately, the ‘SMART’ measures in place in some organisations give the success of consultants a completely different meaning.

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  3. solentdreams said

    Great Blog!

    I’ve subscribed to your rss feed as I run a blog about my job-hunting experiences at http://www.solentdreams.co.uk

    Looking forward to your posts.


  4. erickywong said

    I really enjoy working with recruiters who are more up front with the hiring situation rather than trying to push candidates.


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